15 Creative Ways to Hide a TV

The television is an integral part of many homes, but it can be a major eyesore when positioned front and center in a space. The good news is that hiding a tv is easier than ever, especially with creative hacks and clever furniture pieces. Here are 15 ideas for creatively disguising your TV so it can be a chic focal point instead of an eyesore.

If you don’t want to hide your tv completely, you can still make it a design feature by putting it in a decorative frame. This works best when the tv is hung in an accent wall with brick, wood slats, or another feature detail that’s intended to draw attention. If your tv is framed this way, it blends right into the decor and doesn’t stand out as an ugly black box.

One of the easiest ways to hide a tv is to cover it with two-way mirror. The mirror only shows through when the tv is turned on and looks like regular artwork in the rest of the time. You can also use a privacy screen, which folds down from the wall when you’re watching tv and then retracts with the push of a button when you’re not. This is a great solution for a bedroom tv or a living room tv, because it hides the tv out of sight when you’re not in the mood to watch tv.

You can also add barn doors to a wall that covers a tv. This is a great option for a farmhouse, traditional, or rustic decor style and gives you plenty of storage behind the tv. The barn doors look really pretty when they’re open, too, so they don’t just serve a purpose but actually become part of the decor.

Another way to disguise a tv is by creating sliding art that covers the tv when it’s off. This works best if your tv is on a wall that’s long and wide enough to accommodate the large artwork. If your tv is in a corner, for example, you might have to make the art a little smaller so it can fit.

If a hidden tv isn’t possible for your home or you just don’t like the idea of a TV in your bedroom, try making it work as part of an art wall. By hanging the tv in the same area as the art and using prints that incorporate a lot of black, your tv will look like it was meant to be there and won’t distract from the art.

If you’re a little more adventurous, you can remove the tv from the wall and install it into an armoire or other piece of furniture. This isn’t an easy DIY project, but if you’re comfortable with drilling holes in your wall and running wires it can be done relatively quickly. The biggest challenge is getting the camera’s infrared signal to pass through the wall to reach your tv so that it can be controlled. hidden tv’s