A DWI Defense Lawyer Can Help You Get Through the Legal Process

DWI is a serious offense and it should never be taken lightly. Whether you had a few drinks, an ounce of marijuana or prescription painkillers in your system the consequences can be life changing. A conviction will stay on your record forever and can be a detriment to future employment opportunities.

A dwi defense lawyer can help you get through the legal process with as few negative marks on your record as possible. They are trained to look for ways to use your case facts to your advantage. They will work to challenge the prosecutor’s case at each stage of the proceedings. They will cross-examine the police and bring in expert witnesses when necessary. They will fight to make sure that the trier of fact (a judge or jury) finds you not guilty.

If a police officer smells alcohol on your breath or observes you swerving in and out of your lane you can be pulled over for DUI/DWAI. New York State defines intoxication as having a blood alcohol level above.08. In addition, the officer may also ask you to blow into a portable breathalyzer or perform some other standard field sobriety tests. An experienced New York DWI attorney will examine the details of your case to see if the evidence meets the minimum standards set by the state law.

DWI arrests occur in many different situations: traffic stops, sobriety checkpoints and as a result of traffic accidents. Each situation has unique legal challenges that an experienced New York City dwi lawyer can explore and use to your advantage.