A Shark Tooth Necklace is a Powerful Symbol of Protection, Strength and Connection to the Ocean

A Shark tooth necklace is a powerful symbol of protection, strength and connection to the ocean. It is also a great accessory for a beach-style fashion statement. They can be seen on celebrities such as Rihanna, Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba and are popular among surfers, divers and other beach-goers. Shark teeth are often made into gold-dipped necklaces or as decorative braided bracelets. Whether you are interested in a stylish black wire shark tooth or a more durable fossil shark tooth, you should always look for a reputable seller who sources their teeth ethically.

For many Maori of New Zealand, wearing a Mako shark tooth necklace is believed to connect the wearer with the spirit of the shark, providing them with strength, energy and masculine power. These amulets are passed on from generation to generation. Similarly, the people of Fiji believed that sharks were sacred and that their God Dakuwaqa (half shark, half man) protected them from danger while travelling or fishing at sea.

Today, shark teeth have become a popular accessory for a fashionable bohemian look and are frequently worn by surfers and divers as protective amulets. They can be seen on celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba and are a must-have for those looking for a strong fashion statement. They are also used as good luck charms and can be a great gift for someone who is going on a sea voyage. Whether you choose a shark tooth necklace from a local Hawaiian market or an online retailer, always make sure the shark teeth are ethically sourced.  Shark tooth necklace