Arebesk – Grip Socks Manufacturer

Arebesk is a grip socks manufacturer that specializes in designing and producing grippy socks for yoga, Pilates, barre, and dance workouts. Our stylish designs, superior comfort, and unbeatable traction help users stay focused on their movements and feel more confident. Originally, Arebesk launched in two local Los Angeles studios with the goal of delivering a premium grip sock that would enhance your performance and make it easier to find balance on your mat.

Grip socks are made by adding some short rubber bumps on the bottom of the sock, increasing the friction with the floor or soles to achieve the effect of anti-skid. This type of sock is also commonly used for football and other sports, especially those with uneven ground conditions. There are three kinds of grip socks: PVC, silicone, and flocking fabric. The latter one is usually added to both the inside and outside of the sock, increasing the friction between the feet and the sock sole, thereby improving the anti-skid ability.

Among the three types of grip socks, PVC is the most common. Compared to flocking fabric, it has the advantage of being more durable, and can be applied on all kinds of fabrics and styles. Moreover, its color is non-toxic and can pass the environmental protection test such as AZO. Besides, it has good elasticity and mechanical strength. It is also easy to cut, and has a wide application in many fields. grip socks manufacturer