Be Chic and Rebellious With 90s Fashion

The 90s was a great decade for fashion. No longer were the big names of fashion concerned with the amount of dress and under-dressing. In a minimalistic twist which emphasized the grace and freedom of the human form, the 90s featured a great fear of overdressing. Ostentatious displays of class were replaced with the beauty of stark simplicity. And apart from a product’s style, the way it was portrayed by the media became an equally important factor in a product’s success.

Fashion took a turn for the revolutionary and out of the ordinary at the end of the 20th century. No more were the blond bombshells and femme fatales of past decades ruling the runway and the billboards. In their stead, themes of poverty, sexual violence, disability, death and body modification came into being through the form of the romantically poor waif, with a face devoid of make-up and stark backgrounds. Retailers of ready-to-wear clothing like The Gap, Banana Republic and Eddie Bauer came into prominence with clothes that women found to be comfortable and ultimately wearable.

It was also in the 90s that Gucci (which had existed since the 20s) found international success by winning the Brand of the Year award, becoming the largest selling Italian brand of all. And like Gucci, Prada also came into prominence with a truly luxurious style that benefited young ladies whose fashion sense was more relaxed and subtle. And like Gucci, its specialty was high quality bags and shoes. In the United States, the fashion industry was lorded over by Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. They used a combination of minimalism with hints of veiled sensuality to market their products to thousands of buyers.

Other icons of the era include Vivienne Westwood with her blast to the past fashion sense, Gianni Versace with his colorful and sexy patterns, and Dolce and Gabbana which embodied the feminine psyche of the era in terms of fashion. The 90s was a truly rebellious and colorful era. If you’re interested in these tidbits of information, you were probably born for a fashion design degree. michael kors bags for women