Become Thailand Elite Member

Become thailand elite member is an exclusive program that grants foreigners a special entry permit and VIP airport services for extended stays in Thailand. It also gives members access to a variety of concierge services and assistance with government transactions. It is designed to promote tourism and attract high-earning expatriates, including digital nomads who don’t want to deal with visa runs and retirees seeking a place to live that has warm weather and a low cost of living.

Members of the thailand elite program are greeted as soon as they arrive at the airport by Thailand Elite staff. They are then given exclusive fast track immigration for both arrival and departure, access to an airport lounge for both arrival and departure and limousine services. They also receive 24/7 concierge services and assistance with opening bank accounts. In addition, a member contact center is available to answer questions and provide assistance.

Membership in the thailand elite program is very easy to obtain. The process involves completing an online application, transferring the required fee and waiting a few days for confirmation. Afterwards, a visa agent will take care of the remaining paperwork and visit the immigration office to have the Elite Visa affixed to your passport. The visa is valid for five years, and can be extended by visiting the immigration office.

As a Thailand elite member, you’ll get unlimited re-entries, a 20-year residence visa and a free annual health checkup. You can also rent or buy property and invest in the local economy. You’ll also be able to use your Thai visa abroad. The only restrictions are that you can’t work or open a business, but the perks are well worth it for those who want to make Thailand their second home.

Besides the re-entry privileges and other perks, Thailand elite members also receive access to a member contact center and concierge service. These services are intended to assist with any problems or emergencies that may arise while living in Thailand. They can also help with administrative services, such as obtaining a driving license and registering a company. They can even help you open a bank account and find accommodation.

Thailand Elite members also enjoy a host of additional benefits that aren’t included in any other long-term visa, such as the ability to bypass financial requirements and skip the requirement for health insurance. While other long-term visas require you to show proof of income, Thailand elite does not.

In addition, members are able to hire an agent to conduct their 90-day report on their behalf. Normally, this would cost extra, but Thailand Elite members can do so at no charge. This allows them to save money and time while still having the peace of mind that they are in compliance with Thai law. Lastly, they can skip the annual fee of 35,000 THB that is required for other visa holders. As a result, the Thailand elite program is the best choice for those who want to live in Thailand permanently. Become thailand elite member