Benefits of SHAMPOO TRAYS For Limited Mobility

Hair washing can be a messy, complicated and uncomfortable experience for people with limited mobility. With the right supplies, it can be made much easier for everyone involved. This includes the person getting their hair washed, the caregiver and anyone who has to assist with the process. One of the most effective solutions is a SHAMPOO TRAY.

The shampoo tray fits around the neck and shoulders of someone while they are seated in a chair or wheelchair, leaning back toward a sink. This allows water to be showered over the head while it runs down into the tray and is directed into the sink basin. This can help keep the person clean and comfortable while minimizing the risk of slipping or spilling water onto clothing.

It also allows the caregiver to wash hair without bending or lifting the client which can be difficult for those with limited mobility. This is especially important if the person needs to stay seated to reduce discomfort, but it is not possible for them to stand up on their own. The EZ-Access Shampoo Washing Tray helps to eliminate this challenge by limiting the need for awkward bending or leaning while reducing back strain for the caregiver.

This tray has a unique rubber facing that surrounds the neck opening and rests on the clients shoulders for superior comfort. It is designed to be used with a chair or wheelchair and it can be stabilized by a 35” strap that wraps around the clients forearm. It also has a raised edge to prevent spilling over.

Compared to traditional hair washing basins and trays, this inflatable product is easy to use and much more compact. It has curved sides to minimize the need for stretching or bending, making it easier for individuals with limited mobility to use. Additionally, it can be stored flat in a bag for convenient portability and is simple to clean with soap and water.

It is designed to be used by professional barbers and home service hair dressers who perform haircuts from home, allowing them to avoid the hassle of traveling and finding a place to wash their clients’ hair. It is also perfect for those who are bed bound and want to maintain their personal hygiene while at home.

Another benefit of this tray is its ability to be used as a shower tray for those who are not able to bathe. It features a drain that can be opened and closed to allow water to flow into it and then out again. This keeps the soap and water dry, preventing mold from growing. It is also designed to be easily cleaned by soaking in warm water and sanitizer. The slats of the shower tray are also ideal for catching soap bars to keep them fresh and dry between uses. This tray is very affordable, lightweight and portable and it comes in a variety of colors to match any bathroom design. It is also available in an accessory set with matching aprons and soap dispensers. BACS À SHAMPOING