Chiropractor Dubai

A growing trend in Dubai, chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those involving the spine. It uses non-invasive techniques to help restore balance and alignment, which is crucial for overall wellbeing.

During a session, a chiropractor will apply controlled, sudden pressure to manipulate the spinal joint, which may create an audible cracking sound, but this is normal and painless. A chiropractor will also perform exercises and massage the affected areas to reduce tension. This is done to improve the mobility of the patient, relieve pain and increase their flexibility and range of motion.

Plato Chiropractic Health Clinic is a professional clinic in Dubai that specializes in chiropractic treatments for herniated discs, back and neck issues. The team of doctors at this clinic are highly skilled and have years of experience in helping patients find long term relief from their ailments. They use a combination of scientific and traditional methods to ensure their patients get the best results.

Emirates European Medical Centre is a popular clinic in Dubai for treating musculoskeletal problems, including back and neck pain. It uses safe and effective techniques such as blocking, Thompson Drop and myofascial release therapy to treat a range of conditions. These include sinus headaches, lower back pain and cervical disc herniation. They also offer treatments such as acupuncture and spinal decompression therapy.

Pure Chiropractic in Dubai is dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare that helps you reach optimum vitality through a healthy spine and nervous system. Its mission is to provide a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment that is committed to providing a drug-free, natural approach to healing. Its staff is highly experienced and has performed a wide variety of treatments, from herniated discs and muscle spasms to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Chiropractor dubai