Cloud Gavel and Law Enforcement

Cloud gavel is located in Baton Rouge, LA and operates in the Application Computer Software business / industry. The company provides a seamless warrant solution that streamlines the review and approval process, allowing law enforcement officers to spend more time on the street instead of behind a desk. It helps reduce crime by enabling agencies to increase officer work hours for the apprehension of criminals, rather than unplanned overtime spent processing paperwork.

The eWarrant Solution helps protect the constitutional rights of suspects by providing proper judicial oversight for the entire warrant process. It also helps save countless hours and days of lost police work due to the current manual process for processing warrants. The cost of the eWarrant Solution can be quickly recouped by savings from reduced overtime.

For example, after an officer pulls over a DUI/DWI driver for suspected impairment, they log into CloudGavel and generate the search warrant within minutes. The requesting officer can then submit the warrant to the on-call judge before driving the suspect to a medical facility authorized to draw blood for a blood test. This allows the blood sample to be taken before normal dissipation occurs which could otherwise distort the true BAC reading.

The company’s flagship product, Gavel (formerly Documate) is an automated document assembly and automation tool. It allows legal professionals to create interview questions for client intake, populate client data into forms, upload documents for tagging with interview questions, and build workflows that automatically generate documents based on that information. The tool also offers various document settings including naming convention, duplication for repeating items, and display settings. It integrates with Clio, enabling users to import data into Gavel and post back to Clio.  cloud gavel