Crystal Angel Figurines – Add a Cherub Figurine to Your Collection

Whether used as decorative objects or to serve as reminders of spiritual beliefs, crystal angel figurines capture the imagination of people around the world. They are often small and delicate, and their intricate designs catch the light in a mesmerizing way. These figurines can be found in a variety of materials, including crystal and porcelain. Some even have a shimmering finish that catches the eye. Some collectors may collect these pieces in a wide range of styles and sizes, and others simply use them to decorate their homes or offices.

For those who are looking for a beautiful cherub to add to their collection, this adorable little angel could be the perfect choice. Measuring at 7″ in height, this cherub is dressed in a lovely white gown and seems to be in motion, as if she’s singing God’s praises. Suitable for year-round display, this sweet little angel makes a lovely addition to any home or office decor.

Another great option for those who are interested in adding a cherub statue to their home or garden is this sleeping cherub. This statue is crafted from a resin and stone mix, and is painted in a warm stone color. Suitable for year-round use, this beautiful cherub will look wonderful in any home or garden.

This adorable cherub angel figurine is the perfect way to bring a touch of heaven into your home or garden. Made from a high-quality polyresin, this cute angel is durable enough to be used year-round. The soft colors of this cherub will complement almost any decor, and the wing accents are sure to make it stand out.

Young ones have a knack for reveling in life’s mysteries, and this chubby cherub is no exception! Crafted in quality designer resin to celebrate details from dimpled knees to feathered wings, this DT-exclusive angel crouches to examine a tiny snail.

While the word “cherub” usually conjures up an image of a chubby child-like angel cavorting in the clouds, Western art has also linked them to Cupid and Putti. Our crouching cherub features feathered wings, curly hair, and child-like details like dimpled knees and wrist rolls. Cherub Figurine