Custom Stirrup Socks

Custom stirrup socks are the ultimate baseball accessory. Made in the team colors you choose these custom socks are perfect for your little leaguer, college player or adult baseball fan. Made in America these high quality, durable, and soft knee high socks are sure to be a hit with your baseball fan or player!

The History of Stirrup Socks

Born out of necessity stirrup socks were designed to give players a unique look while playing baseball. At the time color dyes were not safe for skin contact and could bleed into white sanitary socks. This caused players to wear two layers of stockings- white sanitary on top of colored stockings. This allowed the player to showcase their team color without risking injury.

Originally the stirrup sock had no toe or heel sections and only exposed a small section of the white sock underneath. Later as technology improved and the sock manufacturing process advanced the stirrup socks became longer and incorporated toe and heel sections. Today, a typical baseball stirrup sock is a two in one design that incorporates a standard baseball or football style knee high sock and a section of a traditional white sanitary sock.

While the majority of baseball players have gone full circle back to wearing long pants that carry the leg down to the shoe, there are still many who prefer to keep a bit of tradition alive by sporting a pair of long baseball socks with stirrups. You will find them in the Minor League circuit, high school and college baseball, and even in Major League Baseball from time to time.

When you shop for baseball socks online it is easy to order your favorite team’s style. Just select your preferred color and size then complete the simple ordering process. Once the order has been placed your personalized socks will be shipped directly to you.

TCK has created world class baseball stirrup socks in a classic striping patterns that are perfect for both baseball and softball. These high quality, durable, and soft knee high sports socks are available in a wide range of sizes to fit most baseball and softball players. They feature an ergonomic design, breathable mesh instep, arch support, reinforced heel and toe, as well as blister control yarn fibers that naturally reduce friction to prevent foot irritation. You can shop for a pair of TCK striped stirrup baseball socks in several different team colors including black, red, white, Columbia blue, orange, and green. Choose a sock style that best matches your team and pick up a few pairs to have on hand for game day!  custom stirrup socks