Diamond Paste For Sharpening Shears

When you are polishing metal blades like shears, it is important to use a high quality diamond paste. This will make the process of sharpening shears fast and precise. The diamond paste will also help to ensure that the blades are properly aligned and ready for a sharp cutting edge.

Often called diamond lapping compound or diamond abrasive paste, this type of polishing material is used to smooth and sharpen the surfaces of different types of materials. It contains microscopic diamond particles, the hardest natural substance in existence, which act as an abrasive to gently sand and polish surfaces. The diamond abrasive is usually suspended in a liquid carrier such as oil, water or an aqueous solution such as kerosene. Diamond abrasive paste comes in a variety of grit sizes, each of which is referred to as a micron. The size of the grit is an indication of how finely polished the surface will be when finished.

The water-soluble diamond paste is ideally suited for applications in Toolroom and Precision Engineering. It is compatible with most water-based systems and offers the added benefit of a reduced risk of cross-contamination. It is available in a range of concentration levels for each grit size, making it an extremely versatile option for various polishing projects.

Another water-soluble diamond compound available is the KD diamond paste. It is a highly effective polishing compound that is suitable for metallographic and petrographic samples, as well as semiconductor materials and other industrial uses. It is a low-cost alternative to high-quality resin systems, as it offers good wettability, low grinding force and low grinding heat.

For use with the Hira-To Professional Scissors Sharpener, the diamond polishing paste is formulated to be very low in viscosity and easy to disperse. It is packaged in disposable syringes for precise dispensing and is available in several grit options, each of which is color coded for easy identification when using the diamond compound on the sharpener. It should be used in conjunction with a lubricant such as silicone diamond compound extender fluid.

Inland Craft’s standard diamond compound paste is packed with a high level of diamond concentrate to deliver an outstanding finish on gemstones and metals. It is supplied in a variety of grits in convenient disposable syringes for direct application on the polishing pad, disc, buff or phenolic burs. The different grits are colour coded to ensure easy identification, and all can be used with the aforementioned silicone diamond compound extender fluid.

In addition to offering a wide selection of grits for various polishing projects, DiaVers diamond paste is VOC-free, and thus an eco-friendly choice for your project needs. To use, simply squirt a small amount of lubricant into a bowl, add your desired diamond paste and mix thoroughly. Then, dip a felt wheel or bob into the mixture and apply it to the stone surface, following the specific grit instructions for your project. Be sure to clean the syringe and wheel between each grit change, as this helps to prevent accidental scratching of the stone.