Diesel Fire Pumps For Unattended Fire Fighting Purposes

For unattended fire fighting purposes, a diesel engine driven fire pump may be the best solution. These pumps can run on 460 volt, three-phase power which is often already available in industrial and mining enterprises. These engines will generally operate on either Yanmar or Hatz diesels and comply with tough international environmental emission standards. The engine will require the standard ‘FIRE PUMP’ petrol or diesel fuel, and a dike is commonly required under the fuel tank to prevent fuel spills.

When selecting a diesel fire pump drive motor, it is important to ensure the engine has been tested to the appropriate specifications by an independent laboratory and is UL or FM listed. Check the horsepower curve on the factory test report and look to see that it peaks at the required maximum output. If it continues to rise beyond this point, the motor is undersized and in violation of NFPA and FM requirements.

The main reason for damage to stand-by Diesel fire pumps is that the water flow to the engine heat exchanger is stopped or reduced during annual testing of the fire pump system. This causes the engine to overheat resulting in distorted cylinder heads and burnt pistons.

Our 2 inch diesel fire fighting pump offers a big single impeller Aussie Fire Chief with a Yanmar, Hatz or Kubota engine. This model is designed to offer up to 420 litres per minute flow and a head of 60 metres. It comes complete with anti vibration mounts and a heavy duty gal roll frame.