Easter Egg Hunt For Any Budget

The weather can be rough sometimes but we shouldn’t let that spoil our vacation. With Easter fast approaching, we need to make sure we have everything we need without breaking our budget or feeling overwhelmed. Although as adults, we can reduce some, children cannot understand the concept of “hard times” and they must be protected from​​​​

That’s why we’ve put together a great easter egg chicks hunt that’s not only fun, but also useful. It will keep the kids happy and keep you and your wallet happy. We will show how easy it is to create and how fun it is to play. This may be the only time putting all your eggs in one basket can be a good idea!

Easter Basket Carrots and Egg Hunt

The main idea behind this scavenger hunt is for the kids to collect plastic bags and paper carrots with labels. Then, they must collect everything they found and try to find out where the treasure basket is. You can set a time limit and see how many symbols they can find, or let the kids know the exact number of hidden “searches”. Before we start hunting, we need to create an Easter basket. It’s the treasure kids are looking for and the little secret in your wallet.

Building a truck

Instead of spending a lot of money on all the things the kids collect in their baskets, do something useful this year! Create a basket by filling it with many Easter accessories. You can add anything from chocolate eggs to stuffed bunnies, plush chicks or other stuffed animals. If you want to make sure that the children will not be happy about all the sugar that day, add more Easter images and stuffed animals. This can be more beneficial in the long run, as the toys last longer after the candy is gone. So, decorate your basket by placing the bright chicks surrounded by delicious Easter eggs, and maybe adding an Easter charm in the middle, it’s traditional! You can decorate it by adding Easter candy or adding more toys and small stuffed animals, depending on your preference. The decoration of the basket also depends on another step: you want to repeat the contents of the Easter basket or you want the same size of everything for each child. If you raffle them, you can play with toys and stuffed animals, because any toys and sweets will not kill your budget. However, three or four stuffed animals per litter may be too many. Therefore, if you want each child to have an equal share of the basket, you may want it with Easter candy and maybe a small image of a cute chicken or duckling for each child. So, at the end of the hunt, everyone has a good time and a nice Easter gift.

Mock up

When you’re done making your basket, hide it where you know the kids won’t see it. If your place is small, you can hide it on top of the cupboard and cover it with something. Just make sure it’s high enough that they don’t see it, otherwise their curiosity can lead them to climb into dangerous places. Now for the details. You can create two types of symbols. If the children are old enough to read, use words to tell them where to look. Otherwise, use pictures or symbols. There are also two ways to hide these symbols. You can put them on a piece of paper in a colored plastic bag, or you can write them on your own cardboard. To make carrots, all you need is orange and green construction paper. Cut long triangles from orange paper and cut thick triangles from green paper. Add the top of the green triangle to the bottom of the orange triangle. Cut the base of the green triangle, into long pieces, as if to break and leave the green on top. So! You just made yourself a simple paper carrot. Now all you have to do is write a symbol on it and organize it. Hunting

Hide eggs and carrots in easy-to-reach places, such as under sofa pillows, under the covers of your bed, behind a lamp, etc.

Give the children a number of marks or a time limit and watch them look for the marks. When the time comes or they have found all the clues, collect them all and help them find out where the plot is. Once the Easter basket is found, divide or distribute the contents to each child. And that’s where you have to go. This Easter hunt is sure to be a success. It’s so much fun that the kids will be talking about it all year long and it’s easy on your budget. Happy hunting and happy Easter!