Employee Communication Apps

employee communication apps give organizations an appealing, reliable channel to reach today’s decentralized workforce. These apps offer a full suite of tools to distribute company news, collaborate and engage employees with instant messaging, file sharing, video meetings and more.

The best employee communication apps are easy to use and can be accessed on desktop, iOS or Android devices. A key feature is the ability to personalize the app experience for each employee based on their preferences, needs and role in the company. This allows users to instantly find content that interests them and helps increase engagement across the organization.

Slack has swept the modern workplace by spearheading channel-based internal messaging and making it simple to connect across departments, offices, time zones, and even other companies with text, audio or video calls. It also offers screensharing, project management and collaboration, and a directory of team members.

Another popular employee communication tool is Lattice, which makes it easy for employees to recognize co-workers on the go and rewards them in real time. It’s especially effective for frontline workers who might not be able to access email, giving them an engaging way to stay connected and on top of their work.

The list of employee communications apps is long, but the one that works best for your organization will depend on your objectives. Some apps are better at distributing latest company news, others are more suited for collaboration and some focus on creating a community. Start by defining your objectives and researching the options to compare what each has to offer.