Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valves

Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valves are used in applications where a process fluid is flammable or there is hazardous dust or gas present in the atmosphere. They are easy to build into most process lines, sanitary with few moving parts and have easily accessible stem seal inspection holes. They are water hammer safe, insensitive to pressure shocks within the pipeline and have low fluid resistance resulting in minimal flow turbulence and pressure drop. The PTFE valve seats are durable and can be easily replaced when needed.

The explosion-proof electric actuator converts electrical power into mechanical torque that causes the ball to rotate and restrict the flow of the liquid or gas in the pipe. The insulated housing keeps internal sparks, high heat, and electrical noise to a minimum to prevent ignition of any flammable material in the pipeline. The actuator accepts a continuous voltage signal (ON or OFF) or a 4 to 20 mA input for proportional control.

The Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valve consists of a stainless steel valve body with two flanges, PTFE valve seats and either a handle for manual operation or a bonnet with pneumatic actuator for automated operation. The valve can be configured for a wide range of flow directions, including L-port, T-port and three port combinations. The valve can be assemble and disassembled without tools for fast maintenance. Explosion Proof Sanitary Ball Valves