Flat Head Screws

Flat Head Screws are multi-purpose screws featuring a wide variety of uses and applications. They have a flat bearing surface which sits flush or slightly below the material it is binding to for a clean appearance. They are available in a wide variety of materials and are often used with a countersunk hole to minimize the space taken up by the fastener head. Flat head screws are most commonly found in construction and woodworking projects as they can be used to create a strong and durable joint.

Flat head screws can be used in almost any application and are one of the most versatile types of fasteners available. They come in a number of sizes and head styles, making them suitable for most situations. Some of the most common options are Oval Undercut (also known as raised counter sunk head) which use an undercut to allow for shallower countersinking than standard 82 degree heads. Flat 100 Head which uses a 100-degree angle instead of the standard 82-degree to allow for a more shallow countersinking in thinner materials. Trim Head which is similar to a flat head but offers a narrower head for situations where the screw needs to be less visible after installation.

There are many other options for head style, drive type and threading that you can find on the Fastener Superstore website. Check out our complete guide to Screw Heads, Drives and Threading for more information on how to choose the right fastener for your application. Flat Head Screws