GH Beauty Lab Tested a Hair Dryer

Hair dryers heat up hair by speeding up the evaporation of water droplets. They use a heating element, usually a coiled nichrome wire that looks like a bare spring and may be up to 12 in (30 cm) long, but it’s an alloy of nickel and chromium rather than copper, which rusts at the high temperatures used in hair dryers. Most dryers limit the time the nichrome wire spends heated to prevent the air temperature from getting too high.

If you have fine, thin hair strands, look for a dryer with multiple low heat settings; higher temps can damage fragile strands. Thicker, wavy, or curly hair tends to take longer to dry than straight hair, so consider a dryer with a high heat setting, but also consider a dryer that is gentle on the scalp and hair while providing strong airflow.

Advanced technologies such as ionic and tourmaline help reduce frizz and static, enhance shine, and seal the hair cuticle for healthy, beautiful locks. If you want to add some extra oomph, try a dryer with a nozzle attachment that helps detangle and style textured hair, or a diffuser attachment to gently embrace your curls and kinks.

Expert evaluators gave this hair dryer excellent marks for being gentle on the hair and scalp in GH Beauty Lab testing, plus it was easy to control with strategically placed buttons. Its powerful airflow and fast drying speed translated to a great blowout, but it wasn’t too loud. hairdryer