Gwen Stacy Mask – Dress Up Your Child Like a Spider-Man or Spider-Woman

If you’re a fan of the Spider-Man movies, you likely have some Gwen Stacy Halloween costumes in your closet. Whether she’s wearing her uniform from Brooklyn Visions Academy or dressed as Spider-Woman, Gwen is a fan-favorite character. If you’re looking to dress as the fearless Valedictorian this year, you can mimic her preppy school look with a pink and black shirt and skirt, plus a pair of sneakers. Gwen’s also known for her love of music, so you can add a backpack with music notes to complete your look.

This Spider-Gwen costume comes with a hooded bodysuit, gloves and mask to transform your child into the web-slinging teen. It’s officially licensed and has a detailed design that ensures your kiddo will stand out from the crowd. Plus, it’s made from high-quality materials and can be machine washed.

You can also choose to dress your child as the Gwen from Across the Spider-Verse. This version of the character is a little different from Emma Stone’s, but she still has the same sense of adventure. Her outfit is a little more casual than her usual style, but she’s still the smart, confident valedictorian.

This version of Gwen is from the Earth-65 universe, where she was bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker and died in the original comics. She’s now a superhero called Spider-Gwen, and her conflicting feelings about her father’s death and Peter are more prominent in this version of the character.  gwen stacy mask