Hip Hop Radio Stations

Hip hop music is hugely popular all over the world, but it is particularly so in the US. As a result, there are numerous hip hop radio stations that have cropped up around the country to cater to the demand for the genre. Whether you’re a casual listener or an avid follower of the music, tuning into one of these stations is an ideal way to get pumped up for your daily commute or to find new tunes to love.

A hip hop radio station will play a mix of current R&B and Hip Hop music. It is also a home for well known personalities who epitomize the Hip Hop culture like Funkmaster Flex and Angie Martinez. They have many years of experience in the radio industry and are well respected by their listeners. They are a great addition to any radio station and will be sure to bring in a wide audience.

KBXX is a hip hop radio station that was founded in 1978 and is located in Greensboro, NC. The station features a variety of hip hop musical hits and interviews with famous artists. It also offers an online streaming service that is free for all to use. This makes it a great choice for hip hop music lovers who want to listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere.

In a time before YouTube, iTunes and the internet were widely accessible, rap DJs were the first to introduce the world to hip hop. Early radio shows, from Mr Magic’s Rap Attack on WHBI to Chuck Chillout and Red Alert on KISS FM and the wildly successful Marley Marl show on WBLS in New York City, gave this burgeoning urban culture the validation and reach it needed to become one of the most significant creative and commercial forces of our time. Radio’s unique ability to take a local sound and broadcast it to the world was the ultimate vehicle for rap’s rise.

Radio personalities who grew up listening to hip hop in the 80s and 90s will always have a special place in their hearts for U92, a Utah-based station that was the first to introduce the music to the state. It was here that the songs inspired by daily life in New York and its pitfalls began to earn artists millions of dollars. For listeners who grew up in the ghettos and suburbs of the city, this music was their soundtrack to success.

While KUBE no longer airs on the airwaves, it has rebranded as One Love, an online hip hop radio station. Hosted by the hip hop artist and producer Snoop Dogg under his alias of DJ Snoopadelic, this station is a great choice for fans who are looking for a positive alternative to mainstream music. Featuring tracks by Snoop, as well as other hip hop superstars, the station is sure to please those who enjoy a blend of uplifting and pulsating rhythms. They also offer exclusive events and a variety of other content for their listeners.