How OmniVoid AI and XR Solutions Help Clients Stay Ahead of the Curve

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world around us. It is making life easier and more productive by automating tasks, improving efficiency, and bringing greater insights to how we manage data. OmniVoid leverages the latest cutting-edge AI technology to create solutions that are revolutionary and transformational for our clients. Whether it is through robotics, Edge AI hardware design and development, or AI techniques such as Deep Learning (DL), Reinforcement Learning (RL), and Neuromorphic Computing, we have the experience to bring our clients to the next level of productivity.

OmniVoid is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge AI and XR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) technology to revolutionize the way businesses and organizations work and interact with the world around them. OmniVoid’s team of Ivy-league engineers and innovators from top-tier institutions, including MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, is dedicated to providing innovative and transformative tech solutions to clients that will help them stay ahead of the curve.

One of the biggest challenges that many XR projects face is reducing latency and optimizing performance in order to meet end-user demands for immersive experiences. OmniVoid has developed a proprietary suite of software that provides a powerful new framework for minimizing latency and optimizing performance in real-time virtual and augmented reality applications. This includes reducing the number of system calls made to the GPU, as well as leveraging the latest CPU optimizations to reduce compute and memory utilization. These new features enable our clients to deliver high-quality immersive experiences with significantly reduced latency.

The latest generation of XR devices can handle much more complex and detailed graphics. This allows for higher resolutions, faster frame rates, and more accurate and precise tracking systems. However, enabling this type of capability requires an enormous amount of processing power to be effective. To address this challenge, OmniVoid has created a new technology that enables a single PC to support multiple simultaneous VR headsets. This dramatically improves the user experience and performance by reducing the load on the device, thus freeing up more resource for other uses.

This technology has been developed in partnership with leading AV and CAD hardware manufacturers to provide a solution that is fast, stable, and accurate. OmniVoid’s patented technology can be applied to many different types of XR products, from gaming consoles to medical and industrial devices, to increase their functionality and ease of use while reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Using this advanced technology, OmniVoid has developed a unique set of tools and libraries that allow users to easily create realistic, interactive environments for training, simulation, and e-learning. These tools are easy to integrate with existing XR devices and platforms, making them an essential tool for any developer working in this space.

The HandsDemoScene sample scene showcases a basic rig setup for XR Interaction Toolkit hand-tracking support with a number of example interactable objects and UI. This sample also contains asset prefabs that streamline the default set of input actions, as well as presets for behaviors in XR Interaction Toolkit that use the Input System.  omnivoid xr