How to Choose a British Male Voiceover Artist

Choosing the right voice for your commercial or explainer video is crucial to getting your message heard and understood. The perfect narrator can boost your audience’s engagement and increase the likelihood of them taking action on your call to action.

Male voiceover artists are often associated with authoritative, factual and serious voices. This makes them the best choice for projects promoting products like cars, computers and banking services. They are also great for narrating corporate presentations and explaining complex topics in eLearning courses.

The tone of your project will also determine the kind of voice you need. For instance, a commercial advertising cologne to middle-aged men will need an emotion-filled and convincing voice. On the other hand, an explainer video for a product that helps elderly people with pain relief will need a caring and understanding voice.

Once you’ve decided the type of voice you need, search for different British male voices online. Ask for demos and compare their diction, tone and style. You can even reach out to friends, family members and colleagues to get recommendations or referrals. After comparing several demos, select the one that meets your requirements and budget.

Before you hire a british male voiceover artist, make sure to know your project’s goals and the target audience. Also, listen to their work to get an idea of how their voice sounds and how they interpret the script. A good narrator will be able to convey the right emotions and energy without relying on visual cues.

Voicing the cheeky Finnish turbine blade for Ahola transportation – fun to do this character voice for the cheeky Ahola wind turbines! Also voicing Martichoras, King of the Manticores in the long-running Smite video game – it’s always fun to declaim forcefully over dramatic surging music while everyone is forced to listen at enormous volume! I have also been doing a series of TV commercials for Sussex Beds on ITV Meridian – it’s always a pleasure to do a commercial for some decent beds!