How to Find the Best Moving Companies

When searching for the best moving company, you want to find one that meets your

specific needs and fits within your budget. For example, you may be looking for a

full-service moving experience or need a company that can help with just certain

aspects of your move. Additionally, you may also need add-on services like vehicle

relocation or specialty packing. To ensure you find the right fit, make a list of your

items and their value before contacting companies. This will allow you to get the

most accurate estimate and avoid any surprises on moving day.

While many umzugsfirmen can give general pricing over the phone, it’s

important to get a detailed quote by having someone come out to your home. This is

especially true if you have a large amount of furniture or delicate items. By making a

full list of everything you plan to take with you, as well as any items you plan to

donate or get rid of, you can have an accurate inventory and help the representative

render a more precise quote.

Allied Van Lines is a great option for local moves and long-distance relocations. This

company has over a century of moving experience and offers a variety of service

options, including container shipping, auto transport, and storage. Its MoveOne

software makes it easier to create a virtual survey of your belongings, which can

speed up the process. It also provides top-tier customer service, as reflected by its

two Newsweek ‘Best Customer Service’ awards in 2021 and 2022.

Another top choice is North American Van Lines. This company has more than 80

years of moving experience and has a global network to support local, long-distance,

and international moves. Their flexible service options and reasonable prices are a

big draw for customers. Their moving calculator gives you an idea of your potential

costs based on the size of your household and travel distance.

Other notable movers include Maxi Moving, Oz Moving & Storage, and Safeway

Moving. These companies all have high repeat customer rates, which is a good

indicator of quality and satisfaction. Additionally, they offer competitive rates and

multiple add-ons to customize your moving package.

When it comes to a full-service moving company, the cost can be prohibitive for

some, so look for a company that offers a flat rate or at least offers a price break for

certain services, such as disassembly and reassembly of heavy items. You can also

try finding a company that offers labor-only service, which is typically billed at

hourly rates and comes with a minimum charge of two to four hours.

Before you hire a moving company, check to make sure they’re licensed and

insured. You should be able to easily find this information on the FMCSA website,

which allows you to check for MC and DOT numbers as well as any complaints on

file. Additionally, you should always read a company’s workers’ compensation and

released liability coverage policies to ensure they meet industry standards.