How to Make Tennis Predictions

When making tennis predictions it’s important to take a lot of factors into consideration. Some of these include the player’s level, their form, and their previous results against a particular opponent. It’s also important to look at the surface on which a match will be played. Different surfaces affect how a ball bounces and how long the rallies are, so studying the player’s history on those types of courts is vital.

Another important factor to consider is the player’s playing style and preferences. Some players like to play aggressively while others prefer to play defensively. Understanding these differences can help you make accurate predictions for direct win betting markets. It’s also worth looking at a player’s stats for the current season and their career to see how well they have performed against a given type of opponent.

In addition to the usual match winner and tournament outrights betting markets, you can also place special bets that don’t depend on a specific outcome of a single game. These bets include over/under total games and over/under total sets. Over/under totals bets are based on predicting whether the entire match will exceed or fall short of a certain number of games. This can be a good place to start for newcomers to betting on tennis as it’s an easy market to understand and isn’t impacted by randomness as much as other markets.

Similarly, over/under total set bets are based on predicting how many total sets will be played in the entire match. This is a little more complicated than over/under total games bets as it requires in-depth research into the playing styles of both players and their past history on the respective surfaces. However, by becoming a specialist on this market you can often find opportunities to bet on matches that are close.

You can also find some interesting statistics in the form of head-to-head matches, which provide an extensive breakdown of a player’s overall win/loss record against their opponent. This can give you plenty of angles to work with, including the different surfaces they’ve won on and whether they’ve been successful in grand slam events or ATP 1,000 level finals.

There are other stats that can be useful as well, such as a player’s ability to convert break points. These can be found in their ATP and WTA stats and should be examined closely to identify any discrepancies that could indicate that they’re about to break out of their winning streak or are due for some regression. This can help you make more informed predictions for direct win betting markets and improve your chances of profit. This is why it’s so important to follow several tipsters and experts, as they will all have varying insights and sources of data when creating their predictions. For example, a popular betting site, Oddspedia, has an active community of tipsters that offer free predictions for each match. They are updated on a daily basis and can be very helpful in placing your wagers. tennis predicts