Inspirational and Motivational Jewelry

Jewelry is not only beautiful but also carries with it deep meanings that inspire and empower your life. This type of jewellery is called motivational jewelry and is based on symbols that are known to help focus the mind and heart towards your goals in life.

The most common type of inspiration bracelet, necklace, earrings or ring is one that contains a quote that is meaningful to the wearer. These engraved quotes serve to uplift and encourage the wearer to keep going when times get tough. Alternatively, some pieces of jewelry simply symbolise positive qualities, like the dove that represents peace and the dragonfly for strength and courage.

Other inspiration jewelry contains symbols that have specific meanings, for example, the hamsa with its finger tips pointed either upward or downward is said to protect against evil and bring good luck. Other engraved symbols include the Celtic Trinity knot, which represents the Holy trinity of love, faith and hope; the Gordian knot that symbolizes untying the past; and the om symbol that stands for purity and enlightenment.

Many brands that carry inspirational jewelry have an altruistic goal with their business, for instance, Article 22 uses recycled bomb parts and bullet casings to create its Brave Collection, which is designed to support the fight against human trafficking in Cambodia. Another example is Catbird, which combines its desire to inspire and motivate with its love for the environment by funnelling 10 percent of proceeds from its Peace and Courage pieces to environmental charities. motivational jewelry