Interesting Suburbs in Brisbane

There are many interesting places to see in Brisbane, as well as highly regarded locations for investing on real estate.

The Ashgrove Suburb, located 5 km from Brisbane’s CBD, is renowned in Brisbane for its period homes. One example of the period homes is the ‘Ashgrovian’, Queensland state’s version of the bungalow during the years if inter-war. When public properties were first auctioned in Ashgrove during 1856, lands were then basically used in farming. It was in 1915 that residential housing resulted from subdividing the two major farming estates. For the past twenty years, Ashgrove has encountered a boost in median density housing particularly those 2-storey brick townhouses. The Ashgrove has easy access to shopping centers and public transport due to the buses that regularly pass along the Waterworks Road. These two reasons basically attract buyers to invest money on Ashgrove real estate. Leisure in Ashgrove is provided by its Enchanted Forest (a children’s park located on Frasers Road), other parklands for families and Paddington restaurants and shopping facilities. There are also schools in Ashgrove for primary and secondary levels.

The Clayfield Suburb is among the prominent neighborhoods in Brisbane located 6 km away from the city’s CBD and close to Ascot and Hamilton. This place is where one will find many older Queenslander homes. Clayfield is not an exemption to those who experienced a negative impact resulting from the global financial crisis. Due to this reason, the median house cost has decreased (modest pricing range of $600,000 to $800,000) and relatively reduced the demands in the higher-end market. The location of Clayfield makes for the community’s convenient access to transportation such as trains, buses and ferries. Also retails, schools and hospital services (the Royal Brisbane Hospital is only a 15 minute ride from Clayfield). Shopping centers are also located in the surrounding area as well as parks and cafés.

Farther away at 9 km from the CBD is the Gap Suburb. This neighborhood is popular among people who wish to live in a place with easy access to the city while enjoying a green environment. Styles of housing during 1970s and 1980s are common makes of homes in the Gap but these houses are now being renovated to attract buyers with contemporary taste. Gap’s most expensive street is the Kilsby St. and the highest cost of house sold in Gap is 1.16 million dollars (Jillanda Place of 4 bed and 3 bath home on 1006 m2 sold in March 2009). Residents of Gap have easy access to parks and sport facilities. There are also schools for primary and secondary levels. There are no trains in Gap but there are regular bus trips running to and from the city and major shopping malls.

Brisbane’s Wynnum Suburb is perfect for those who fancy living in an area near the water and can commute with ease if trips to the city are needed. Wynnum is a 30 minutes car travel from the CBD being located 15 km away. majority of homes were basically Queenslanders and worker’s cottages, but modern renovations on homes have already taken place, which is why the place now has variety of housing architectures to offer to investors. There are shops and cafés in addition to the marina, mangrove boardwalk and wading pool for a complete seaside lifestyle. The place has access to supermarkets, leisure facilities, schools and hospitals. CBD Capsules UK