League of Legends Lecture: Setting Boundaries on Your Game-Play

League of Legends is a massively multiplayer online game with millions of active players; billions in revenue; and esports tournaments that draw 100 million spectators. But League is also a time sink that can take people away from their work, school, and sleep.

If you’re a competitive player, you know that the game can be an incredible mental challenge—and an amazing outlet for stress and anxiety. But it’s important to acknowledge that League is a time-sink, and to set boundaries on your game-play to make sure it doesn’t overtake your life.

When you’re a competitive player, you have to learn the basics of your champion’s abilities and the roles they play on Summoner’s Rift. This includes everything from how much gold and experience they get from killing minions to what their ultimutations are and how they affect your gameplay. Without a good understanding of these basics, you can’t be a competent, confident, and successful competitor.

Whenever Riot releases a new Champion, they typically do a pre-release campaign about a month in advance. This includes a cinematic trailer showcasing the Champion, their design notes, and a backstory to build anticipation and curiosity amongst the community. In addition, they release a ton of items that massively boost the Champion’s power. Choosing which items to use is one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of the game, and can be a big factor in winning games. The chapter explains how the system works and provides tips to help you optimize your item choices.  롤대리