Legal DUI Lawyers

If you are found consuming alcohol or other drugs while using a vehicle including (bicycle,boat,airplane,or tractor) you could be charged under DUI. One person is killed on the streets of USA every 50 minutes!,and to curb that stringent laws are framed as DUI related deaths account for almost 32% of all reported traffic deaths (Source: NHTSA/FARS, 2010.) This is one of the prime reasons that laws pertaining to DUI are significantly amended periodically to curb their adverse effects. If you are not at fault and you are charged under DUI,then you have to immediately seek legal help from a DUI specialist lawyer as DUI is a serious offense. The DUI laws are especially strong in the United States of America and each year with the fatalities related to drunk driving on the rise, there are stricter laws being enforced to curb the same at all levels of operation. Getting yourself associated with a good DUI lawyer is a good measure for protection as you could lose your drivers license,be put in jail,fined exorbitant fees and implicate yourself in complex legal problems if ever charged under DUI. Conviction under a DUI charge could result in one having a criminal conviction which could result in hampering your future job opportunities and also could result in a hike in your car insurance rates.

Lawyers specializing in dealing with DUI cases (DUI attorneys) are available who can defend DUI/DWI charges. Charges of DUI/DWI are very well tackled by these experts who are better suited than other lawyers to understand your case and get it dismissed asap. Elaborating this further lets understand what are the general areas of defense that a seasoned DUI lawyer will relate to in his study. The defense used by an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer will relate to areas such as:

– Whether you actually suffered violation of your constitutional rights.

– He will also check if the traffic officer concerned followed prerequisite procedures in proper accordance.

– Part of his preparation is to make sure if your deemed rights were read out to you by the traffic officer prior to arrest on DUI charges.

– He will crosscheck if the blood and alcohol level checks were carried out in the prescribed norms by the arresting officer.

– He will examine if the equipment used to order blood alcohol levels was maintained and was in fine working order.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines will result in dismissal of the charges and an experienced DUI lawyer will know exactly what to snoop out in these cases. In fact most cases can be dismissed simply on the basis of simple technicalities which can be found and justified in your favor by a seasoned DUI lawyer. So let’s dive into what are some of the qualities that we should keep in mind when appointing a DUI attorney.

– Its of primary importance that the lawyer or law firm has a good prior record in successfully winning cases pertaining to DUI/DWI.

– How often has the lawyer or law firm has gone to court not guilty to DUI/DWI for their clients.

– The lawyer or firm should be well established and the concerning attorney should be very well updated with the latest laws pertaining to DUI/DWI this is especially important as DUI laws are subjected to change in a periodic manner.

– Also reading the fine print when empaneling with your lawyer or firm is essential as you shouldn’t get into a financial nightmare when settling their dues for services rendered later.

Lets keep in mind that the DUI laws and DUI lawyers are there for your own SAFETY and well being. Associating with a respectable lawyer or law firm would be your best insurance to safeguard yourself and your family against DUI charges, but to conclude always remember that DUI laws are there only for your own protection.

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