Long Football Socks

Long football socks are a crucial part of a player’s kit. They help to keep shin guards in place (the law of the game specifies that they must be covered by socks), match team colours, and provide extra protection for the lower leg from cleats and contact. The best pair of socks for football players will be made of a fabric that is breathable, offers a comfortable fit and is available in a range of colours.

The most common type of football sock is the ankle sock. These are generally rolled up at the top to create a “cuff” that is then secured with sock tape. This is a popular style for footballers of all ages as it helps to prevent them from slipping down or moving during the game.

There are also knee-high socks which are often worn folded below the knee. Some footballers find it more comfortable to do this as it allows the sock to remain breathable and avoid bunching up around the knee.

In addition to the traditional styles of football socks, new innovations such as grip socks are beginning to emerge. These have black silicone spots or chevrons on the bottom which stick to a shoe and can be used to improve stability and grip when running, particularly during quick turns.

Socks are a very personal thing for footballers and many use them to express their individuality on the pitch. Whether it’s through the use of sock tape, cutting socks, or wearing their socks low, players are always finding ways to make their own mark.