Overlooked Preventative Maintenance That Will Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Now that spring is here, it’s time to clean out the garage, fertilize the lawn, and do all of the other hundreds of chores that have gone forgotten this past winter. Three things that are commonly overlooked are the simplest tasks to get done … and one of them doesn’t even get done by the homeowner themselves.

Water heaters and boilers need to have the build up of sediment flushed out periodically, especially if the home is on a well system for its water supply. Nothing will shorten the life of water heaters faster than sediment build up. It’s fairly simple. A simple garden hose is what is needed to hook up to the drain valve to flush the build up away.

The HVAC system isn’t quite as simple for the everyday homeowner. The home’s air conditioner and heating system should be inspected once per year, especially after a harsh winter in the Northeast. Specialized tools are required to service and test the system. If the home has central air, then the coolant level needs to be checked and possibly recharged.

This is inexpensive preventative maintenance that will save a lot of cost and discomfort in the heat of the summer. Nothing is worse than having to wait for a service technician in the summer when everyone else didn’t get their HVAC system tuned up either.

A cursory visual inspection of the water pipes in the basement is a must. Any moisture around the joints should be inspected more closely. Any piping that passes through an exterior wall should be paid close attention to for expansion and contraction. Breaks in the pipe can be a common occurrence at these points.

It’s amazing how often the above tasks are overlooked which only take a few minutes and the main focus is always put on the tasks that require the most time, such as window washing, dusting, and the floors. It’s always gratifying if the house is presentable and clean, but if the temperature inside is unbearable or the house is flooded, who would want to spend time inside… Heating and cooling parts near me