Pros and Cons of European Cabinets

Many home remodelers are now considering european cabinets as an option for their clients. These sleek, modern cabinet doors can provide a fresh new look to any kitchen. However, as with most things in life, there are pros and cons to european cabinets that homeowners should consider before making a decision.

European style cabinets are frameless and offer full-access storage for the most efficient use of space in a kitchen. This type of cabinet construction also eliminates the need for visible knobs or pulls which can collect dust and dirt over time. Many manufacturers offer european style cabinets in a handleless, minimalist aesthetic. This is not only sleek and modern, but it also allows for easy cleaning of the interior cabinet surfaces.

Typically, euro-style cabinets are constructed from plywood or synthetic materials such as medium density fiberboard (MDF). These cabinet boxes are sheeted in melamine which provides an easy surface for painting. Using MDF instead of solid wood helps to prevent warping and bending over time.

Most European-style cabinets have a smooth, flat appearance which makes them perfect for a high gloss finish. These ultra-smooth finishes can be accented with textured laminates or a Euro matte.

European cabinets are an excellent choice for luxury homes as they emphasize precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. They often feature refined details such as dovetail joinery, hand-rubbed finishes, and intricate moldings. Moreover, they can be built to suit any space. This customization includes options for adjusting cabinet sizes and configurations as well as incorporating unique storage solutions like pull-out drawers or larder units.