Protect Yourself With a KN95 Black Respirator Mask

A KN95 black mask is designed to protect you against the harmful effects of airborne particles. It filters out up to 95% of the particles and is certified by a third party laboratory. It is made to the Chinese standard GB2626-2019 and is stamped with “KN95” and its batch number and date of manufacture. According to the manufacturer, these masks are regularly checked by custom officials in China and are manufactured by factories that are on the government’s “white list”.

The KN95 black mask is made from a high-quality five-layer fabric. The design is comfortable and breathable, and the product is disposable. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease, and is not suitable for children. It is not approved for use by healthcare professionals. It should only be used by those who require respiratory protection.

KN95-level protection masks are manufactured by two companies: Vida and Lutema. Both companies manufacture their masks in the same facility, but the two companies have different branding. The latter has a more premium price, but the KN95 protection masks are less expensive. The KN95 black mask is available in several sizes and colors, and it has a large range of features.

The KN95 mask is made of five layers of protective materials, including a layer that protects against airborne particles. The mask is designed to protect the face and lungs. It offers superior filtration efficiency compared to standard face masks. It also comes with an antibacterial agent that fights bacteria and viruses.

The KN95 mask is not intended to be worn repeatedly or for extended periods of time. The CDC recommends that people wearing the KN95 mask discard it after use. The mask must be worn tightly and cover the mouth. It is also important to make sure the mask fits properly. Otherwise, the mask may not protect you from airborne particles.

The Powecom KN95 is available through Bona Fide Masks, the exclusive distributor of Powecom in the United States. The KN95 black personal respirator uses a multi-layer filtration system made of non-woven breathable fibers. It is certified by the NPPTL and CDC and has been shown to filter up to 95% of particles larger than 0.3 mm.

The KN95 is available in a variety of colors. Whether you prefer a brightly colored KN95 mask or a more neutral one, you’re sure to find the right mask for your needs. It will make airborne particles go away and protect you from dangerous exposure. A KN95 mask will protect you from dust, bacteria, and allergens.