Psilocybin Grow Bags

Psilocybin grow bags are a convenient and easy-to-use option for mushroom cultivation. They are a great choice for beginners who want to get started with mushroom growing at home or seasoned cultivators looking to scale up their harvests without increasing the complexity of their growing setup.

Mushroom bags are typically made of polypropylene or a similar material, which is both durable and biodegradable. They have a filter patch on the front of the bag that allows for air exchange while blocking out contaminants like mold spores. This feature is especially helpful when using the grow bags as spawn or sawdust fruiting blocks because it helps keep the spawn from being too saturated with contamination.

The bags are also gusseted, which means they are designed to fold flat and lay small, while still being able to open up wide enough to hold a layer of grain or sawdust. This shape is very useful during sterilization as it enables the cultivator to slip in a tyvek filter between the gussets, which will prevent contamination that would otherwise occur during the post-sterilization cool down. The filter will also be removed after the cool down and right before inoculation, preventing contamination from the outside world from getting into the bag before the mycelium has fully colonized.

All of our ShroomTek all-in-one mushroom bags contain a perfect blend of sterilized organic rye grain, straw, vermiculite, coco coir, and several quality substrate supplements (we keep the exact recipe a secret!). The bags are optimally hydrated for substrate mix and volume, have a self-healing injection port to be used with a spore or culture syringe, and include a 5 micron filter patch to block airborne contaminants while still allowing for good gas exchange.