Replacing Window Glass

Replacing window glass or a broken window associated with an older window is something a homeowner can do with a few basic tools.


Start by removing the broken glass pane remnants still stuck in the window sash.  You may need to use one of your pliers to help pull out any smaller pieces.

Next,Guest Posting remove the old glazing compound with your putty knife. Work your way around the entire window sash, in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and scrape the old glazing compound out.

You may want to use a hair dryer to heat the glazing compound up. The heat will soften the old glazing compound and make it easier to remove. Apply heat to a localized section of the old glazing compound to soften it up, and then scrape it out with your putty knife. Keep stepping around the window sash in this process.

Also, in the process of removing the old glazing, remove any glazing points that may still be attached to the window sash. Use your Needle-nose pliers to remove the points.

After you have removed all of the glazing compound and glazing points, sand the area down to the bare wood to remove any old glazing compound or paint. Then apply a sealer to the bare wood to protect it.

Now install your piece of glass and place it into the window sash. Note that the glass should be slightly smaller than the window sash, e.g. 1/8th inch narrower in both length and width.

With the glass in place, install glazing points approximately every 4-6 inches, making sure you have a couple of glazing points near each of the corners of the glass. Be careful not to break the glass when doing this.

With the glazing points installed apply the new glazing compound to the window sash. It is best to roll out a ¼” string of glazing compound, and using your fingers and putty knife push it into place around the window edges.

Once you have pressed in the new glazing compound use your finger or a moist rag to smooth out the glazing compound and to clean the glass.

Let the glazing compound dry overnight, and then apply paint to the window sash. When the paint has dried reinstall it into the window frame.  composite doors merthyr tydfil