Sex Addiction Symptoms

Symptoms of sexual addiction can appear in many ways, including compulsive masturbation, watching pornography, and multiple affairs. Generally, one of these behaviors on its own does not constitute an addiction, but it is important to look for multiple symptoms that occur together. These symptoms are often accompanied by other issues, such as lying, financial problems, and poor health.

Addiction to sex is not widely recognized by the medical community, but it is still a real and serious problem. It can destroy relationships, careers and physical health. It’s important to know if you, a friend or a family member is experiencing these sex addiction symptoms and get help right away to avoid long-term damage.

A person who has an addiction to sex often feels a powerful urge to engage in sexual activity, even when it is damaging or inappropriate. This feeling is similar to the cravings that people with drug addictions feel for their substance of choice. A person who is addicted to sex may also begin to develop a tolerance for certain sexual activities and find themselves needing to increase the frequency or intensity of their behavior in order to experience the same effect.

There are a number of treatments available to those who have a sex addiction. A sex therapist or addiction specialist can work with you to manage your urges and identify any underlying issues that might be contributing to your addictive behavior. Other treatment options include support groups such as Sex Addicts Anonymous, which operate in a similar manner to Alcoholics Anonymous and can be an excellent source of encouragement and support during recovery. Medication is less common but can be helpful for some people, especially when combined with therapy.