Spider Man Costumes

In the first trilogy of Spider Man movies directed by Sam Raimi, Peter Parker is seen wearing his classic red and blue costume. This version of the suit was worn to enter a wrestling match and capture the crook that killed Peter’s Uncle Ben. The costume is slightly different from the original comic book design with bigger eye pieces and an altered big spider on the back part of the costume.

Tobey Maguire’s irresistibly sexy Spider Man Costume was a game changer for superhero movies in 2002, and his suit is one of the most iconic in Marvel history. With front and back spider emblems, platinum webbing, and mean-looking eyes that would make even Batman squint, this suit is the epitome of Spidey cool.

While this costume is not as high-tech as previous MCU suits, it still looks impressive and is a great representation of how Peter Parker was before he met Tony Stark and was offered the fancy gadgets in the other films. Ultimately, this is the suit that shows Peter is capable of fighting crime without the help of fancy gadgets and armor.

In the Ultimate Spider-Man video game series, the younger version of Peter wears his original red and blue costume. In the second trilogy of MCU movies, Peter has been using a more advanced version of his costume that combines elements of his traditional suit with the technology that Tony Stark created for him in the other films. The result is the Integrated Suit, which is the suit that Peter wears in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home.