Sport Wool Socks – Comfort, Performance and Durability

When you’re playing sports, the last thing you want to worry about are soggy feet. That clammy feeling can distract you from your game, and the moisture can lead to blisters. Fortunately, socks made from natural fibers like merino can help you perform your best on the field or court.

The breathable fibers in a wool sock move moisture in the form of vapor, instead of absorbing it into the fabric. This keeps the skin dry, and odor-causing bacteria has nowhere to grow. A pair of breathable wool socks is ideal for athletic performance, and you’ll find options from brands such as Smartwool and FITS.

Unlike cotton, a quality wool sock will keep your feet warm and dry when worn in winter, and cool and comfortable during summer workouts. In addition, merino wool is a sustainable choice and supports a responsible supply chain. It’s also biodegradable, and it’s a renewable resource, as sheep can regrow their fleece.

Sport wool socks offer comfort, performance and durability on your next adventure or workout. Shop our selection of wool sock styles, including thin and thick options, and find the perfect pair for your needs. With their sweat-absorbing and odor-resistant properties, wool socks are the perfect companion for hikes, mountain trips or even just long walks around town. Shop Appalachian Outfitters today for a range of breathable wool socks from Smartwool and FITS. We’re proud to carry their premium products. We also carry other outdoor gear, such as clothing, backpacks and camping equipment to get you ready for your next outdoor adventure.  sport wool socks