The Fantasy Treasure of Moonstone

Moonstone has always been considered to be the gift that moon god gives to human beings. It has a mysterious and irresistible force. The surface of it is delicate and gentle just like glass; moonstone has mysterious and romantic glass due to an internal structure. Legend says that when moon is full,Guest Posting wearing moonstone can meet with the good lover. Therefore, moonstone is known as lover’s rock, it is a symbol of friendship and love and the best gift to lover.

If you’ve never seen it, you may have lots of imagination when you hear such graceful and romantic name. When light shines on the gems, if you carefully rotate the gem, it could be looming in the surface. Then you will know that moonstone describes the natural beauty how the stone keep the moon on it in the most perfect way. Diamond, emerald, the red and blue ridges are all famous, moonstone is no exception. As one the of seven gemstones family, feldspar is definitely the most eminent and noble member in the family tree. Moonstone, no matter quality or character, is no doubt the pride of feldspar family. The charm absolutely exceeds bugle beads and wood beads.

In the United States, Indians regard moonstone as sacred stone, it is the memorial stone of 13 years’ marriage anniversary. For girls, wearing moonstone for a long time can improve temperament within and cultivate elegant and calm attitude. Indians treat moonstone as a holy stone, ancient Greece and Rome were more convinced of the powerful force of moonstone in the period of full moon. Moonstone is also the loveliest one of all stones; it can enhance the sixth inspiration. In is also known as the stone of love which can make two people happy. It has the ability to foretell the future, so it is also known as the stone of prophecy and perspective. Besides it is also called the stone of travellers due to its protection of travel.

What color is your favorite of moonlight? Deep blue? Sweet and bright yellow? Or is it pure ice white? No matter what color you like, you can find your favorite in the moonstone. The most common background color is white, yellow, green or dark brown. Tranquil blue moonstone represents calm, rational, accurate, and dense. Iridescent blue background moonstone has the highest value among all moonstones. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, imagination, creativity, fun and soft. Yellow moonstone has a warm and sprightly mood; the value is second only to blue moonstone. moss agate ring