The Forgotten Source

It is a source leading the way to health, and happiness. It is under us, over us, and all around us. Yet in spite of this, it is might be the last source you turn to. The reasons are quite simple. There are not enough hours in the day, you do not have the right equipment, you do not want to get dirty, you do not feel your body is in the right shape, you do not have enough money, or you find it a bit scary.

With all any of those excuses, it is easier to put that source out of mind. While that is out of mind, things this source can help with are placed on the back burner. Placing things on the back burner until you have the time is fine. Fine until they boil over and create a mess. Once you tap into that forgotten source, you can find a way to clean up almost any mess. The challenge is that it is extremely difficult to tap into anything that has been put out of mind.

The solution to that is simple. Learn how to connect with the forgotten source and you have the freedom to tap into it whenever you choose. Connecting with this source also helps to raise your awareness. Raising your awareness helps you to take care of those things on the back burner before they boil over.

Unlike such practices such as styles of Usui Reiki Ryoho that honor the teachings of Mikao Usui, dedication to study and practice with a qualified Shihan (teacher) is not always required. Teachers are good, but the forgotten source is both teaching and forgiving once you have the introduction.

Finding that forgotten source can be easy and when you look, you will find more than you seek. You can take pleasure in its beauty, discover its range from soft to invigorating heat, bask in its pleasant smells or tastes, listen to sounds ranging from hypnotizing to scary, and much more.

As you no doubt have figured out, the forgotten source is Nature.
Connecting with Nature can help you step into that stream of well-being. Standing near one of the breathtaking waterfalls at various locations on this earth it is impossible to ignore the energy of nature. As energizing as these locations are, you do not have to go any further then your back yard, or window in your home to benefit for Nature’s energy. Once you have learned to connect with nature, regardless of where you are the life giving energy nature has to offer, is yours.

When was the last time you looked up at the clouds and simply let go your worries and thoughts to be mesmerized by their form? When was the last time you could forecast rain by looking at the sky or the trees’ leaves? When life seems overwhelming have you ever found your mind in that peaceful state as the stars in the night sky dissolved your worries, allowing you to see the solutions? Walking on the moon requires technology and money. You can absorb the mystery and romance of the moon’s wondrous energy by simply viewing it from a window.

The next time you step out your door look carefully at what is under your feet. In many parts of the world that plant some people tag an annoying weed, as written in Romeo and Juliet, can heal your skin and more. While that creature sunning itself on a nearby rock might make you run away, is it an actual danger or a danger created by fiction? To connect with nature is not to put yourself in danger, but rather to connect and embrace the positive that you otherwise might never see, feel, hear, taste, or smell. In some areas such as hiking, swimming and viewing wildlife common sense comes into play. On the other hand, common sense is required every time you cross a street or step into any vehicle.

An older man in a neighboring town had the perfect alternative to alcohol or drugs for a stressful day. His bird feeder and a little creative thinking gave him the solution. On the days when he needed some relief, he would go outside and stand by the feeder. He would put some of the seeds in his hand, hold his hand over his head and at least one little bird would then land on his hand. He had learned to connect with one type of bird that never let him down. Landing in the palm of his hand always brought him a smile. Then as the birds left his palm, their wings carried the stresses of his day away.

One day walking in my yard I noticed a butterfly thrashing about in the grass. Common sense says not to touch a butterfly’s wings, but I lower my hand into the grass nearby the butterfly. The butterfly crawled over and onto my palm. As I watched the butterfly moving its wings up and down as it sat in my open hand my mind became peaceful. I sat down watching the butterfly in my hand and after a while it flew off leaving me with a smile. When connecting with nature, often all you have to do is sit back and watch.

In all of nature, is that sometimes illusive stream of well-being. Take a moment and do this little exercise. Completely relax all your muscles and your mind. Allow yourself to see, hear, feel, and smell in any way that is comfortable for you. Do not rely on your eyes, ears, or nose, but simply allow your whole self to receive. Focus on the air. Is it moving fast or slow? Is it hot or cold? Is there a color or scent in the air? As the air moves into your lungs how does it feel? Now as you have that awareness of the air bringing oxygen to you, which is absorbed into your cells requiring it for life, you have received a taste of the energy nature has to offer.

The location in which I teach Gendai Reiki-ho, Komyo Reiki, Meditation and Connecting with nature is nestled in the trees. The moment a person steps out of his or her vehicle balance and harmony are offered by nature. What is in balance and surrounded by harmony heals, and so even the Japanese Reiki healing sessions I offer begin before the person I physically greet the person.

Now turn your attention to those uneventful backyards. Did you notice those bold flowers appearing in the most unlikely of places? Did you spot either a toad or snake on patrol for unwelcome insects in the garden or under the bushes? Did you see the dandelion whose roots have been appointed as the soil’s doctor? Did you see the chipmunk dashing across the street with his tail straight up so motorists could see him? Did you feel the welcome softness of leaf or take in the enjoyable smell of a flower? Did you see those busy little lives who take their task of pollination so seriously? In the winter, did you see the turkeys and deer breaking up the ice on the driveway? Yes, even those backyards offer smiles that can cancel out most of the negative in life, and allow you to change your thinking to positive.

Nature is both forgiving and teaching. Everything you put into your body and surround yourself with traveled some path to you from the earth. Being omnivores by birth, people obtain energy to maintain the physical body directly from plants, the produces, or other animals. Each person’s life depends upon nature. Does not your awakening, production hours, winding down, and then sleep resemble the four seasons? We do not trap sunlight the way plants do, but have you ever felt “a bit off” during that time of the year when the hours of daylight are fewer then night or on some cloudy days? The next time you feel a little off on a cloudy day close your eyes and visualize the life giving sun shining.

So why not simply recognize your birthright connection to nature and embrace that forgotten source of energy and wonderment. Take time to enjoy the beauty of some form of wildlife, to laugh at the antics of other wildlife, or at a safe distance be in awe at the power of still other wildlife. All of wildlife has something to offer to you, and all you have to do is take the time to accept.

The next time you crumble about the holes dug in your backyard, remember who made those holes could be the same wildlife that gave up its home for you to build your home. That same wildlife might also give you wonderful smiles that brighten your day, if you simply take a few minutes to sit quietly and look. magic mushroom chocolate bars