Sound energy has extraordinary importance. On the basis of this very energy Mantra Science’s world got created. By advancing this science,Guest Posting Rishi era’s great men bestowed super knowledge’s infinite storehouse to the entire world. In the deep cave of subtle nature sound only is said to be active whose vibrations create a sequence of energy waves. Scriptural authors and spiritual seekers showcased the weight age of Mantras in a very widespread manner. Via Mantras not only can bodily dirt get warded off but that awakening of latent mental powers and infinite energy of the soul too can be advanced greatly. Today modern science has helped world humanity to attain all those material means/facilities due to industrialization reaching pinnacles on getting which man can think him to be very fortunate. Yet this aspiration for quick development in the final analysis has proved to be harmful only. Misuse of sound and its pollution in the form of high decibel chaotic noise is today’s curse faced by man that has been a ‘gift’ of modern science. Thus it is very important that this be described along with progress that reaps untold material grandeur. This lack of farsighted vision which can be termed unethical behavior has drawn very much closer to insanity.

As per one survey in America’s mental asylums the number of those lunatics is more who were workers in industrialized units previously and due to exposure to sound emitted by huge machinery there lost their mental equanimity. Chaotic noise in reality is a highly distorted form of sound energy. Its sanctified form is Mantra Energy, soulful music etc that induces blissful effects on one’s bodily and mental health. Noisy sound induces manifestation of those sound waves in the atmosphere that on analyzing with the help of Oscilloscopes appear very unequal and ugly whereas soulful musical tones emit sound waves that are uniformly streamlined and full of parity. Noise breaks up the wholesome sequence of one’s thinking process whereas sweet soulful music helps man relax, become mentally focused and immersed in pious zeal.

Fifteen years previously Nobel Prize winner the microbiologist Robert Cork had predicted that: One day shall come in future wherein man shall perforce have to fight with his arch enemy viz. chaotic noise. Truly this time has already manifested today as per Cork’s prophecy.

In scientific terminology in the increase-decrease in the space between air and material’s atom creates sound. If the average distance between atoms is less is called virlen. The pair of these 2 is called sound duo. When this sound increases or decreases, noise gets emitted. The widespread unit of noise or sound is called decibel. On the basis of this measure void is that level of sound intensity from where can start hearing sound. The sound of tree leaves creates noise of 40 decibels. When we converse on the telephone/mobile noise of 70 decibels and in ordinary conversation 40 decibels is created. Due to plying of heavy vehicles on roads 80 decibels and due to rolling sound of train wheels 90 decibel noise gets emitted. From strikes/processions 100 decibels and from factory machines 120 decibels noise gets emitted. Due to jet plane flying in air 150 decibels and at the time of explosion when rockets are released 170 decibel noise gets emitted. tv wall mount