Top 5 Reaons to Take Intuniv

Intuniv is new medication developed for the treatment for children ages 6 to 17 who are diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) affects millions of Americans and the medical profession is constantly researching new means of treatment for the disorder.

Intuniv is actually a long acting form of guanfacine,Guest Posting the active ingredient in Tenex. Guanfacine is being used to treat children with ADHD and those with tics, aggression and/or sleep problems.

Unlike Adderall, Concerta and Vyvanse, Intuniv is a non-stimulant and, therefore, can be taken with other medications in a doctor-approved treatment plan.

  1. Intuniv is a non-stimulant
  2. Intuniv provides another option for treating ADHD
  3. Intuniv is not a controlled substance
  4. Intuniv does not cause appetite suppression
  5. Intuniv can be used in combination with stimulant medications

Intuniv is a non-stimulant

Intuniv is a non-stimulant medication and can be taken along with ADHD stimulant medications in an approved treatment plan. Some parents are concerned about starting their child’s treatment plan with a stimulant. Intuniv provides the option to do so.

Intuniv provides another option for treating ADHD

There are numerous medications in the market for treating ADHD both in children in adults. The medications include, but are not limited to: Adderall, Concerta and Vyvanse. These medications are stimulants.

Intuniv provides another option for treating your child with a non-stimulant medication. This option provides another opportunity to determine if ADHD symptoms can be reduced.

Intuniv is not a controlled substance

Medications such as Adderall, which are categorized as a controlled substance, present a few more obstacles to obtain. Controlled substance medications require prior authorization from your insurance company. In other words, after you get the prescription from the doctor, the doctor has to fill out a form and send to the insurance company or speak with them on the phone.

Prior authorization is not a big problem in most cases. But if there’s a need to have the medication immediately, perhaps if your child is changing from a different medication to another, you want to pick up the medication on the same day as the prescription.

Without a quick response from the doctor’s office, from the doctor or a nurse, there can be a delay of a few days in receiving approval for the medication

Intuniv Does Not Suppress the Appetite

Unlike stimulant medications used for ADHD, Intuniv does not cause appetite suppression. Appetite suppression can be a major concern for parents that have children with slight frames. When taking some stimulants, children may not eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. With Intuniv, there’s no concern regarding this issue.  Buy Vyvanse online Australia