Top 5 Workout Apps

A good workout app is more than just a fitness tracker—it can be the ultimate motivation tool, helping you get stronger or build up endurance or simply stick to your exercise routine. But the sheer number of apps out there can make it hard to sift through them all. So we did the hard work for you, sifting through free options (before virtual reality takes over) and paid ones to find our top picks. From HIIT-centric programs to yoga and breathing exercises, these workout apps cover it all—and can help you take the next step toward your fitness goals.

The best workout apps let you tailor your experience to suit your goals and interests. A key consideration is intensity: Do you want to tone and sculpt, build up strength or just get fitter? Also consider your own comfort level with certain forms of exercise. If you’re new to weight lifting, you’ll want an app that offers entry-level classes and a variety of options at different levels, so you can progress as your strength grows. And if you tend to miss the camaraderie of in-person gyms and group fitness classes, look for an app that includes social features like community forums or chat rooms.

JEFIT is an app for the weightlifters out there, offering helpful tips and tricks as well as a community to support you along your lifts. The app helps you plan your sets and pauses between each one to keep track of your progress, and it even has a feature that allows you to privately message the app’s trainers for additional advice. If you’re a competitive soul, this app can give you a way to compare yourself with others in your class or with people from around the world.

Beachbody On Demand impressed our experts with its lively and invigorating classes and programs led by top instructors. Its many different program options—from a six-week cardio plan to a two-month hip hop boot camp—are a great fit for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a change of pace or an intense challenge. Plus, you can stream these classes through your Apple Watch and download workouts to use offline.

The cost of some workout apps can be a turnoff for many users. But most of them offer a free trial period, and most have an option to subscribe on a monthly basis rather than paying for a full year upfront. That means you can try out a few to see which ones best meet your needs and prevent you from regretting an unaffordable subscription down the line.  workout app