What Is Considered An Emergency AC Service?

There are few things more frustrating than your air conditioning system breaking down during a hot and muggy summer day. In most cases, an AC failure is considered a cooling emergency because it can leave your home or business uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time and can cause damage to materials such as flooring or wallpaper. If you have vulnerable family members such as infants or elderly people living with you, a broken AC might be considered an immediate medical issue and needs to be fixed immediately.

Depending on where you live, what is considered an emergency ac service will differ. Some companies will charge you an after hours or weekend rate if you request emergency service, so it’s important to understand what circumstances warrant an urgent AC repair call.

The following are some situations that should always be treated as an emergency:

Electrical issues should never be a DIY project and should always be addressed by an emergency HVAC professional. Electrical problems are serious and can potentially lead to fires or other costly damage if not dealt with quickly. Emergency ac services