What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical profession that focuses on treating injuries, improving mobility, and restoring movement. Physiotherapists are trained in using manual therapy (deep tissue massage), joint mobilisations, heat and cold packs and specialised rehabilitation exercises to support injury healing.

Physiotherapists are also constantly learning about health trends and research to keep up with best practice for their patients. They can then apply this knowledge to help you achieve your health goals.

Our expert Physiotherapists can evaluate your pain, injury or condition and provide you with a personalised treatment plan. They may recommend a combination of treatments such as manual therapy, heat and cold packs, specialised stretching, exercises and/or bracing.

The most common route to physiotherapy is through a referral from your GP or rheumatologist. However, in some areas of the country you can self-refer (contact your local physiotherapy service for more information). Whether you are looking for a therapist to assist you with your back or neck pain, a sports injury or to reduce your stress and improve your posture, we are here to help.