What You Should Know About Buying a Hot Water Tap

A hot water tap sits under your sink and dispenses filtered, steaming boiling hot and cold water at the turn of a lever. It takes your mains water and heats it up with an electric element within a highly-insulated tank. They are a popular alternative to kettles and save you time, but they are not for every kitchen. They may also be an expensive addition to your home, and the electricity usage can increase your energy bill.

Boiling water taps are great for making a cup of tea, a pot of coffee or a bowl of instant noodles. They are much faster than a microwave or kettle, and they can take a lot of the frustration out of cooking. They’re perfect for busy families, as they can dispense water for tea, coffee and noodles without having to keep an eye on the boiling point on a stove top.

A common concern with these taps is that they don’t really produce true boiling water. Most dispense water at around 98 degrees, which is fine for most purposes. However, high-temperature water can cause scalding and can make your tea leaves or beans extract too early – which can ruin their taste. Most brands, like Quooker and Milano Uro, have very effective safety mechanisms that ensure your family will not get burned.

A good quality instant boiling water tap will come with a high-quality spout that is insulated so you won’t burn yourself. It will also have a catch that has to be depressed before the lever can be turned at all, and they usually have various safety-lock functions to avoid accidental releases of boiling water.  hot water tap