Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a space outside the home that allows you to cook, entertain and socialize outdoors. wood heaters These areas can be small or large, but they always serve as the focal point of a landscape or yard.

Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen

Having a kitchen in the backyard gives you and your family the opportunity to spend more time together while enjoying the outdoors. Whether you’re planning a family barbecue or just a simple lunch, a kitchen makes the process easier and less time consuming than preparing food inside.

A grill is the most basic and widely available option for an outdoor kitchen, but if you’re looking to add more cooking versatility, consider adding a flat top griddle, pizza oven or charcoal or gas grill to your list of must haves. Using a combination of these cooking options will allow you to make a wide variety of dishes and snacks.

Cost: The price of an outdoor kitchen depends on the size, quality and features you choose. However, most homeowners can expect to spend between a few thousand dollars and $60,000-plus on the project.

Design & Layout: The layout of your outdoor kitchen is important to ensure it is functional. Professional kitchens have four distinct zones – cold, hot, wet and dry – so think about the function of each area in your outdoor kitchen and make sure they are all easily accessible to one another.

U-Shape: Many outdoor kitchens are set up in a U-shape to maximize the space while still making room for a grill and other features. This can be the perfect solution if you have a limited amount of space in your backyard.

Keep Smells Out: Some foods release smells that can be unpleasant. Keeping them outside will help you maintain a pleasant household environment and also keep the neighbors away.

Save on Utilities: Cooking outdoors will help you avoid running the air conditioner or furnace in the summer. The heat generated in an indoor kitchen forces the appliance to work harder, which can cause energy bills to spike.

A screened in patio provides a protected area for cooking, reducing the risk of fire. This is especially useful when you have children in the house or pets that are active during the day.

You can also use a patio cover when the weather is bad, preventing rain from entering your kitchen. A covered area can also offer protection from the sun, which helps to keep your food fresh and cool.

Choosing the right outdoor kitchen can be daunting, but it’s worth the effort and money to have a functional, enjoyable space for your whole family to enjoy. Here are some great ideas to inspire you!

Make the Outdoors Your Own: The best outdoor kitchens are designed to feel like an extension of your own home. This is especially true if your outdoor space includes a pool, garden or other elements that you love.

Keep Guests Cool: Most people enjoy the outdoors, and if you have guests over, you’ll need to find an area to sit that is not directly under direct sunlight. Alternatively, a patio cover can be used as a shade to help guests stay cool.