Choosing a High Pressure Portable Fire Fighting Pump

A high pressure portable fire fighting pump is a gas or diesel powered pump designed to help fight fires. These pumps have the ability to displace water, just like normal pumps, and also can spray water with the proper attachments. They are typically mounted on a steel frame that protects the engine and pump, and includes ergonomic hand holds to easily maneuver the machine.

The type of high pressure fire fighting pump you purchase depends on the application, but the most common types include the following:

High pressure – These pumps can produce up to 1100 psi. They are ideal for departments who need to pump water at high pressure to fight fires in difficult to reach areas or in tall structures. They have higher water flow rates than lower pressure pumps and are often more reliable as well.

Affordable – These pumps are more affordable than high-end fire fighting pumps and are suitable for departments who don’t have a large budget. They typically have a Honda engine that is EPA or CARB certified for reduced emissions, and are easy to operate.

Lightweight – These pumps are very lightweight and can be used by firefighting crews for long periods of time without becoming too fatigued. They are typically made of high-quality materials that make them durable and easy to transport.

Self-priming – These pumps are able to prime themselves in a short amount of time. This is ideal for departments who need to get water to the fire quickly, and it saves valuable time on the scene. Most self-priming pumps can be ready to use in less than a minute.

Versatile – These fire fighting pumps can be used for all sorts of applications, including fire protection, water transfer from tanks, and even agriculture spraying and irrigation systems. They are usually compact and easy to transport, and they come with a range of accessories that can be used to modify the pump for different uses.

A float is included to keep the pump at an optimal operating level, and most models are also equipped with a hose strainer and bypass valve. This makes it easy to keep the pump clean and prevents debris from entering the system.

Suction Port Size – The diameter of the suction port is an important consideration when choosing a fire fighting pump. The larger the port, the greater the suction power, which is essential for fighting fires. You also need to consider the diameter of the discharge hose that you plan on using. It needs to match the diameter of the pump’s discharge port to ensure maximum efficiency.

Maximum Head – The maximum head of a fire fighting pump is the height it can shoot water at from its nozzle. It’s important to know this number when selecting a fire fighting pump, as it indicates the maximum distance the water can be pumped over a given period of time. A high maximum head is essential for fighting fires in hard-to-reach areas.  high pressure portable fire fighting pump