Fuel Pump Cutoff Switch

Materials needed:

-14g AWG wire, at least 10ft just to have enough.

-Single Pole Double Throw switch (your basic on/off switch).

-Tools necessary to remove the interior panels or seats to access the pump wires.

-Locate your fuel pump by way of the service manual for your car or truck.

-Remove necessary panels or seats to access the pump wires.

-There should be two wires going to the pump, one black (ground), the other colored in some manner (power).

-Find a good place to put the switch. Somewhere no one will see it or guess that it’s there. Mine is in my center console, but I have a secondary, redundant switch…

-Attach one wire to each post on the switch and secure them with solder, electrical tape, etc. Make sure you leave enough wire to reach from both posts to the pump wires.

-Cut a hole big enough for the circular body of the switch will fit through and mount it there.

-Cut the power wire far enough away from the pump that you can remove the switch and reattach the original wires if you want to.

-Splice the new wires onto the old wires with solder or electrical tape.

-Test the pump and switch to make sure they work properly by putting the switch in the “OFF” position and turning the key into the “ON” position. The fuel pump should not come on as characterized by a faint buzz or whine. Now put the switch in the “ON” position and turn the key into the “ON” position. The pump should turn on to pressurize the system.

Now you’re done.

Make sure you don’t forget that you have the switch so that when you go to start your car or truck, it will fire up with the fuel pump on. It’s not a bad thing if your pump isn’t on, but it is a nuisance to have the engine fire up then die 3 seconds later. Fire Fighting Water Pump