Choosing a Tax Advisor

Choosing the right tax advisor is an important decision. They can help you with your taxes, business registration and verifying your finances.

The right tax advisor can save you money on your taxes and give you a better understanding of the German system. They can also provide you with advice on what to do if you are a foreigner in Germany.

They can also make sure your company is compliant with German law and regulations.

There are many different types of tax advisors, each with their own set of responsibilities and fees.

The right tax advisor is the best choice if you want to minimize your taxes and maximize your benefits.

Those who practice as Steuerberater (German for “licensed tax advisor”) are usually qualified lawyers and accountants.

In order to become a licensed tax advisor in Germany, you need to pass the Steuerberaterprufung, which is a special uniform nationwide state examination.

This is one of the more difficult professional exams in Germany, which requires considerable time and effort.

The most notable thing about this particular exam is that it is the only legal qualification for practicing as a tax adviser in Germany, as other licenses have no place within the German tax system.

As a result, many professionals from other fields of study decide to pursue this coveted title as it can be very lucrative.

Those who have passed this particular exam are commonly called “steuerberater,” or more colloquially, “tax lawyer” in the United States. The prestigious award of the title is often conferred on those who are able to combine several of the qualifications required in order to qualify as a Steuerberater, such as being qualified as a Rechtsanwalt or Wirtschaftsprufer simultaneously. Steuerberatung