Taxberatung – Tax Advisory Services

Tax advice German  Steuerberatung is a professional advisory service in the field of taxation. Licensed tax advisors (Steuerberater) have special duties and are thus distinct from ordinary business advisers or accountants.

Generally, the provision of tax advisory services is only allowed for Rechtsanwalte (attorneys-at-law) and Wirtschaftsprufer (certified public accountants), as well as for dual qualified individuals, who are also licensed as both Rechtsanwalte and Steuerberater at the same time. This is done on the basis of a special nationwide state examination called the Steuerberaterprufung.

The exams for a license to become a Steuerberater are normally held once per year in the beginning of October, and include a written part and an oral part. In general, it is necessary to have substantial professional experience and technical knowledge.

Steenbok – Tatoeage of de geit op dijen en kuiten

The tatoeage of the Steenbok, which is the winter oosten / Christmas oosten, is an important teken in the Dutch culture. It is a symbol of hope, strength and rebirth.

Sterkteberekeningen – Constructie sterk op machine en constructies

A specialized tertiary construction company specializes in constructing a number of different kinds of machine, installatie and constructie sterk op machine and constructies. Its experts use a variety of construction methods, ranging from the simple to the complex, to ensure that the resulting construction is in accordance with the requirements of the project and meets the expectations of the client.